Tail Design Marketplace Help

Discord server for the project (probably the fastest source of help, plus hoping to build a community around tail designers and tailmaking): DM for link

Q: How do I post a tail design?

A: How To Post A Tail Design


Q: How do I fill out my profile?

A: How To Fill Out Your Seller Profile


Q: How do I post an 'ad' for my tail design commission services?

A: Follow the above 'how to post a tail design' doc but use:

Collection: 'Commission Info'

Uncheck 'requires shipping'

Price: $0 (Do NOT make the price the cost of a commission.  This transaction isn't being handled through this platform....they'll pay you directly through your usual channels)

Product Description: Your flavor text, rates, IG links, contact info, whatever you want

Photo uploads: Examples of your work, etc


Again, this is essentially a classified ad for your commission services, not something to be purchased through this site.  This 'ad' will show up in the 'Find an Artist' tab as well as in the marketplace itself.


Q: Do I need to make the design in all six+ sizes?

A: Kinda?  It's easy if you plan ahead and do the design with that in mind, like if you use the template as a clipping mask over an oversized design layer.


Q: What file format do you need?

A: If you're using Adobe products, straight PSDs of the finished designs would be great.  Otherwise, TIFFs or PNGs should work.


I HIGHLY recommend doing your design using the template as a clipping mask, with significant 'bleed' over the edges of it to accommodate future template size expansion or simple shape tweaks for fit. It'll make things a lot easier when we roll out Plus sizing too.

To post as your product image, lower-res, heavily-watermarked JPEGs would be fine.


Q: Can I use ProCreate on my iPad?

A: Yes, but it gets tricky because the files are so big.  Convert the templates to be as large as Procreate will allow, and do them in 300 dpi, because they will need to be significantly enlarged. 


Q: How do I get my designs to you?

A: When you sign up, I should have created a Dropbox folder for you, which will be under the email address you used to sign up. If you need this created please let me know