New Tailmaker Discount

Welcome to Mer-Made!

We are very excited to be launching this innovative new take on connecting artists and the mer-community!  As we sign more artists, our selection of tails will constantly grow, so check back often to see the latest designs. 

Our special New Tailmaker Discount pricing is imagined to get our tails into the hands of you, the particularly adventurous tail-buyer!  The three test batches turned out very well, but the only way to really test is to get tails out into the world, so that's where you come in.  We are releasing an initial production batch at a steep discount.  Please understand that these are still production tests, and may have slight imperfections, quirks in the sizing that need to be fixed in the templates, etc. 

But hey, that's why they're pretty cheap! We understand if we're still too early-stage for your preference, but watch us on social media and see how things go. We bet it's going to be awesome!

And now.....On to the tails!