Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is a work in progress and subject to change

1) So what's the deal here?

Q: Do you design tails?

A: No, I don't personally design anything. I didn't even make the basic templates, the logo, size chart....any of that. I can't art to save my life.  


Q: So what would you do here?

A: Think of it as a tail-printing company.  You've either got a design that you love that was made for you by an artist and need somewhere to print it, or have downloaded one of our templates and designed your tail on top of it, and now need it printed and sewn.  That's what we're here for!


Q: Cool, I guess....?

A: We think so!  The goal is to empower independent tail designers to get more of their work out there!  Eventually there is going to be a whole marketplace of tail designs to buy and have made for you.  


Q: Will you print ANY design?

A: Anything you hold the rights to, yes.  Either you made the design yourself, or somebody made it for you as a 'work for hire'/commission.  We will not print copyrighted designs, designs for sale by other tailmakers, or anything copied from an existing tail.  Our policy is to err on the side of NOT infringing on other peoples tails and not print anything that can't be proven to be an original design.


2) More tail-centric questions

Q: What monofins do your templates support?

A: The templates were designed for the Body Glove Linden monofin.  That also means there's a good chance they'll work with the Luna and the FinFun, but we can't guarantee that until there are more printed tails to test.


Q: What kind of fabric are these?

A: 1.5 mm scuba knit.  I think I prefer 3mm but it's more expensive and I wanted to keep costs down, so if this something you'd like, please let me know! If there's interest, it'll become an option.


Q: Do your tails include vinyl fin inserts?

A: That may be an option in the future but not at this time.  Again, keeping costs down.  Please let me know if this is something you'd like to see.


3) Custom design printing

Q: What size does my template need to be? 

A: 'Full size', 1-to-1, 150-300 DPI, made to your personal measurements so it will fit you.  Work with your artist on this.  If your tail is on an 8x10 canvas, it will print as an 8x10.  It's REALLY important that this is correct, because...


Q: My tail doesn't fit! Can I have a refund?

A: Unfortunately no, we don't offer refunds or returns based on sizing or artistic design quality of custom-designed tails.  The sizing of your tail design is in your or your artist's hands....we just print them and sew them together.  For more information please see our return policy