Designer Template Packs

Updated 9/18/2022 (Version 3.0)  Please download the new templates if you are using the old ones and transfer designs to the new templates.


Designs using pre-3.0 templates can no longer be sold!  The new templates have had a pretty major overhaul for both sizeing and shape.


This page contains the main texture packs for artists to use in designing tails.  


Templates by Brianna Coraggio



ALL Templates (Version 3.0)

PSD: Download the Individual Template files. They are smaller than one huge file of all templates.

PNG (~400 MB, zip file of PNGs)

iPad Sized (scaled 50%)

Individual Design Templates (Version 3.0) (All sizes):

Angelfish: PSD / PNG

Ceta: PSD / PNG

Royal: PSD / PNG

Hybrid: PSD / PNG

Scallop: PSD / PNG